Five Reasons Companies Can Benefit From a Consultant

So how do you choose the right consultant for your company?

business-consultantFirst, talk to other companies a prospective consultant has worked with. Ask questions about what projects involved the consultant, how the consultant worked and how he or she delivered and met expectations. This will give you insights into the consultant’s expertise and methodology.

Find a consultant you can trust. This will be the key to a productive relationship.

Make sure the consultant understands the sensitivities and uncertainties of your employees about an outsider. Because the recession has made employees more nervous about keeping their jobs, you should explain why you’re bringing in the consultant and that the person can be a good filter for employees’ thoughts and feedback.

Finally, look for a consultant who is truly interested in your business and seeing it succeed.


About Karen Delaney

Karen is the President of Helix Consulting Group, a quality assurance company offering businesses a comprehensive range of services to ensure regulatory requirement compliance and assist with approvals and licensing for new product development. With dual Bachelors Degrees in Science and Education from Memorial University, Karen continued to launch her career as an entrepreneur with the founding of Helix Consulting Group. For nearly two decades, Karen has delivered expert Quality Assurance services to a broad spectrum of clientele in Vancouver and internationally. Utilizing her foundation of knowledge and experience, Karen not only provides compliance services, but also extends her talents to assist clients in earning FDA, FAA and TCCA approvals, as well as HC licenses and CE Marking.
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